Instruction to authors

Instructions for abstracts formatting and submission

  1. Abstracts should be submitted in English.
  2. The content of the abstract should be clear, concise and revised by an experienced editor.
  3. The abstract should not exceed one page.

The abstract should include:

  1. Title, author's names, addresses, e-mail address of presenting author.
  2. A short introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions.
  3. When submitting your abstract, please indicate whether you would like to present your paper as an oral or poster presentation and under which session it should be included. Please note that the final decision will be made by the Scientific Committee.

The closest international airport are Nikola Tesla (other information will be available soon…)

Abstract format:

  • Paper format: A-4; Line spacing: 1 (single)
  • Margins: 25 mm all the way around
  • Font: “Arial”
  • Title: 12 pt ALL CAPS bold with space after, centered
  • Authors: Full name and Surname (presenting author underlined) 12 pt bold with space after, centered
  • Address(es) (Institution name, Street address, City, Country): 11 pt italics, centered
  • E-mail address of the presenting author 11 pt italics with space after, centered
  • Running text: 12 pt, justified, single-spacing. First line of the paragraphs indented (with a tab command – 1 cm and not with spaces), not more than 2500 characters (without spaces)
  • Please follow the instructions. We regret that we will have to send abstracts back to the authors for corrections if they will not be prepared according to all the organizer’s instructions.


  • Oral presentations should take no longer than 15 minutes.
  • Poster maximum dimensions should be 90 x 110m.

The abstract should be sent as an attachment (word.doc or word.docx) on e-mail: not later than Maj 31, 2021.